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Murphy Capital Management

Who We Are:

  • Murphy Capital Management, Inc., located in Somerset County, NJ, is an Investment Advisory Firm registered with the SEC and is GIPS compliant.
  • The firm was founded in 1983 to provide personalized investment management services to individuals, institutions, foundations and charitable foundations.
  • The firm was acquired in 2017 by Peapack-Gladstone Bank, which is wholly owned by Peapack-Gladstone Financial Corporation.
  • We have a staff of nine professionals consisting of four portfolio managers, one wealth advisor and four operations associates.

What We Do:

  • We customize portfolios using high quality investments tailor-made to our clients’ needs.
  • We use Stocks, ETF’s, Bonds, Master Limited Partnerships, Closed-End Income Funds and various Options strategies to reflect the investment objective, risk tolerance, income needs and time horizon.
  • We do not use a one size fits all mentality. We strongly feel that each client has different financial needs and goals that warrant a personalized portfolio specific to them. Murphy Capital Management does not use mutual funds because of their high fees, inefficient capital gain issues, and lack of visibility.
  • We work in a very measured approach when making investment decisions and pick entry and exit points with great care and precision.
  • Murphy Capital Management is tax sensitive and does not believe in over trading a portfolio.
Please Note: Murphy Capital does not serve as a law firm, certified public accounting firm, nor an insurance agency. Murphy Capital does not prepare legal documents or tax returns, nor does it sell insurance products. Financial planning is available from Murphy Capital’s affiliate, Peapack Private Wealth Management, per the terms and conditions of a separate engagement and fee.

Core Strategies:

  1. Growth portfolios.
  2. Moderate growth and income seek growth and income with a lower risk profile.
  3. Income portfolios – to reduce risk and generate income by implementing efficient bond strategies.
  4. Concentrated stock positions and using defensive options strategies to generate income and/or hedge downside risk.
  5. Tax sensitive & Preservation of Capital
  6.  eMoney Analysis
  7. Financial Planning services offered through Peapack Private Wealth Management


  • We individually structure portfolios specific to the client while encouraging client interaction and manager accessibility.
  • Murphy Capital Management has retained many of its original clients, which we believe to be the result of our commitment to providing sound investment management coupled with strong client service.

What Type of Account Best Fits Murphy Capital Management?

  • We seem to best serve clients seeking a boutique investment management firm where service, seasoned investment skills, great care and personalization are the key hallmarks for selection. We are just as comfortable managing a $500,000 all equity portfolio as we are a $20,000,000 balanced portfolio or an all bond portfolio.
  • Average account size is about $1,000,000 and we manage portfolios in the eight figures spanning second and third generations.

Our Fees:

  • Annual investment advisory fee, is generally 1.00% of the value of assets under management, it is based upon various objective and subjective factors, including, but not limited to: negotiations with the client, the amount of the assets placed under direct management, the complexity of the engagement, and the level and scope of the overall investment advisory services to be rendered

Form ADV:

Each year, Murphy Capital Management Inc. (and every federally registered investment adviser) is required to file online with the Securities and Exchange Commission an annual report, known as Part 1 of the ADV. Form ADV is the uniform form used by investment advisers to register with the SEC. Part 1 requires information about the investment adviser’s business, ownership, clients, employees, business practices, affiliations, and any disciplinary events of the adviser or its employees. That report is publicly available on the SEC’s website located at Locate Murphy Capital Management Inc. by using the link on the left hand side titled “Investment Adviser Search.” Select the radio button labeled "Investment Advisor Firm." Search by our name (Murphy Capital Management Inc.), our IARD/CRD number (105155) or our Firm SEC number (801-20376).

Part 2A of the ADV is a narrative brochure containing information such as the types of advisory services offered, the adviser’s fee schedule, disciplinary information, conflicts of interest. Part 2B contains educational and business background of the adviser’s management and key advisory personnel. As this is revised in the future, we shall repost an updated version on our website.

To view the latest ADV Part 2A, please click here. To view the latest CRS form, please click here. To view Part 2B of ADV please click here. To view our DOL Investment Advice Exemption Disclosure please click here.

500 Hills Drive
Suite 200
Bedminster, NJ 07921

P: 908-719-6430
F: 908-719-6435