Investment Management

Peapack Private provides investment management solutions for individuals and families, as well as for institutions, including not-for-profit organizations, endowments and public and private foundations. We build customized portfolio strategies for our clients through an in-house research and security selection process, as well as by utilizing high-quality, third-party investment managers with both active and passive strategies and vehicles.
Dedicated portfolio managers work with our clients to develop customized, tax-sensitive, multi-asset class strategies to optimize and realize your long-term objectives. 

Setting Objectives:

  • Time Horizon
  • Risk Tolerance
  • Liquidity Requirements
  • Return Expectations
  • Income Needs


  • Asset Allocation
  • Security/Manager Selection
  • Tax Awareness
  • Portfolio Construction

Manage, Monitor and Evaluate:

  • Establish and Modify Investment Objectives Consistent with Return/Risk Parameters 
  • Review and Assess Risk Tolerance and Time Horizon
  • Develop Solutions for Concentrated Assets to Mitigate Risk and to Minimize Tax Liability
  • Establish Diversified Portfolios or Completion Portfolios Depending on Client Need
  • Review Outside Investment Portfolios
  • Measure Portfolio Performance Against Financial Objectives
  • Tactically Rebalance Portfolios to Optimize Risk-Adjusted Returns