Investment Management

We provide investment management solutions for individuals and families as well as institutions, including not-for-profit organizations, endowments and public and private foundations. We build customized portfolio strategies for our clients through the combination of an in-house research and security selection process, as well as by utilizing high-quality, third-party investment managers with both active and passive strategies and vehicles.


John Creamer and Jeff Fisher from Peapack Private, discuss how people and businesses should approach the challenging investment environment amid the talk of a recession.

Dedicated portfolio managers work with clients to develop customized, tax-aware, diversified multi-asset class strategies designed to meet their long-term objectives consistent with their financial plan.

Setting Objectives:

  • Identify and Prioritize Client Goals
  • Outline Time Horizon
  • Assess Risk Tolerance 
  • Understand Liquidity Requirements 
  • Define Income Needs


  • Develop Strategic Asset Allocation
  • Determine Security and Manager Selection 
  • Maintain Tax Awareness
  • Offer a State-of-the-Art Open Architecture Platform

Manage, Monitor and Evaluate:

  • Monitor investment objectives consistent with financial plan and risk tolerance
  • Monitor risk tolerance, time horizon, and changing circumstances
  • Establish diversified portfolios depending on clients personal needs
  • Measure portfolio performance against financial objectives
  • Strategically rebalance portfolios
  • Tactically monitor asset allocation and sector shifts
  • Maintain a quality and valuation sensitive focus
  • Develop solutions for concentrated assets to mitigate risk and to minimize tax liability