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To opt-out from information sharing of all your consumer accounts held at Peapack-Gladstone Bank and its affiliates for affiliate marketing purposes, simply complete the information requested below and be sure to click on the "Submit" button.

Important: Please note that your privacy choice may not be properly applied if you enter any incorrect information on this opt-out page. You can also set your privacy choice by calling the appropriate number listed below:

Peapack-Gladstone Bank, Peapack Private Wealth Management, PGB Trust & Investments of Delaware:  (908) 234-0700

Also, if you have a joint account with another person, either of you may exercise the opt-out, and your opt-out choice will apply to all persons on your account. If you have previously notified us of your selection no further action is required.

Business clients please note that the choice to stop receiving marketing information via email or telephone applies only to individuals, not to businesses.

I/we understand that non-exempted, non-public personal information, including transaction and experience information, may be shared with affiliates for the purpose of the solicitation and marketing of products and services. I/we request an “opt-out” of the sharing of this information with affiliates for this purpose. This request to opt out will remain in effect as long as I/we are a client or I/we notify you otherwise.

I/we understand that by exercising this opt-out that I/we will prohibit sharing of information for future solicitation or marketing of affiliate products or services that may offer a potential benefit to me/us.

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