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Our wealth management division, Peapack Private, provides comprehensive financial, tax, fiduciary and investment advice to individuals, families, privately-held businesses, family offices, and not-for-profit organizations. We help our clients set and achieve their goals by developing solutions specifically designed and implemented for them.

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Big tech reported lackluster results led by Apple, Amazon and Alphabet,
showing an economic slowdown is curbing demand. Despite the weaker than expected earnings for some tech companies, the S&P and NASDAQ both returned 1.62% and 3.31%, respectively, while the Dow declined -0.15%. Communication services was the top performing sector, returning 5.28%, supported by Meta, who reported strong Q4 earnings, while energy was the laggard returning -5.94%.

Peapack Private believes clients can best realize their goals and objectives through the creation of a complete and comprehensive financial plan.  We work with clients to incorporate a thorough analysis of their situation and the development of strategies and solutions tailored to meet their objectives. Hear what makes our approach to financial planning special and why our clients have trusted us to help build their legacy for over 100 years.

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